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About DOHO

The name DOHO is derived from bao bun dough and our location on Hortter Street. Created by Chef Roth Perelman, this Asian inspired taco shell is light, fluffy and flavorful! He and his team draw from traditional and modern influences imparting global flavors and ingredients they love in the creation and crafting of each menu item. 

In his youth Roth experienced a variety of Asian cuisine recanting memories of New Year’s dinner in China Town and regular sushi outings with his father.  In secondary school he started dabbling in Chinese cooking acquiring his first wok. It would be years before he made his first bao bun. While attending culinary school at Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, Roth was introduced to the traditional taco, directed to a fabulous Mexican restaurant in the back of a grocery store in nearby Newburgh, NY. His eyes and palate were opened to true artisanal tacos.  The idea of DOHOs started to germinate. Many years passed as Roth worked in kitchens for chefs such as Jean- Georges Vongerichten, Jason Cichonski and Chip Roman.

Enter the pandemic, as event after event cancelled in the spring of 2020, Roth, now Executive Chef of Catering By Design, had the time and opportunity to explore a long held idea of what would become DOHO, an Asian-ish taqueria!  He says “it all started with the shell, while I love the traditional corn and flour tortilla they lack in flavor and life and the bao bun, it’s yeasty and light, but a bit too much dough, so I set out to create something in between”. It took 36 attempts to perfect the recipe, size, thickness, and methods used to produce DOHO Bao Taco.

The culinary team is made up of Executive Sous Chef Tim Cunningham and Sous Chef Virgilio Ramos whose talents shine throughout the menu. Melissa Weissman and Tracy McIntyre, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, brings all the threads together.  The DOHO team is committed to uncompromising quality which comes through with every bite. Our chicken is antibiotic-free and cage-free and we use locally sourced produce. All packaging is compostable. 

DOHO is currently available for pick up or delivery. Coming soon… a DOHO brick and mortar restaurant. Stay tuned! 

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