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Interested in knowing more about how we came up with our menu? Well, here you go!




doho soft pretzel(vgn) 

actually invented by mistake when trying to do a pretzel taco for a philly vibe. rolled it out thicker and voila!          

coconut red curry “queso” (vgn)(gf)    

nutritional yeast is the key to this “cheesey” plant based dish. plantain chips provide the perfect crunch

chorizo +potato samosa        

started as a chorizo eggroll, this flavor bomb adds an indian element. chorizo + potato are a natural together

sweet plantains (vgn)                

a great spin on a classic. everyone’s favorite!           

pan- fried roja chicken dumplings

goal was a distinctly non-asian dumpling, this is a riff on a roja chicken taco and uses red achiote paste

DOHO bao taco

hot chicken

fan favorite spin on nashville chicken. kewpie mayo is from japan which adds a distinct flavor as does our homemade zucchini pickles with a firmer bite than a cucumber. 

roast pork                 

inspired by al pastor tacos, the sweet pineapple is balanced by radish kimchi 

shrimp tempura                               

killer sauce made from kewpie mayo, togarashi (a japanese spice blend), sesame oil and yuzu, (a very tart asian citrus). 

cocoa skirt steak                                    

a cocoa mole sauce is the backbone of this dish to enhance the grilled steak. piri piri is a pepper sauce from portugal and africa. 

umami mushrooms (vgn)                       

dry shitake for bite and to soak up sauce, and oyster + crimini to enrich the umami of the dish. pickled beets adds earthiness to balance crema and umami. shishito for the crunch! 


the bowl ingredients are a symphony of textures and flavors topped with twice the proteins that are in the taco! 

side jawns

black beans (vgn)(gf)                                     

these will be your favorite black beans. simmered in soy, they are topped with a sauce of ginger, lime and garlic. 

yellow jasmine rice (vgn)(gf)                      

our spin on yellow rice with saffron, annatto seed, star anise, clove, allspice, and garlic. 

chorizo fried rice(gf)                                    

chorizo flavors blend with garlic, ginger, soy and sesame oil. pineapple adds sweetness and a fruity pop. yum! 

napa salad

simple and perfect blend of flavors and textures, the carrot ginger dressing rocks! 


tempura cheese cake bites

a miracle of modern food science, methocellulose achieves a thick and creamy consistency when the cheese is heated…strawberry for piquancy and color. 

coconut orange “flan”(vgn)(gf)                     

adding the caramel at the end creates layered flavors of fruit and coconut. the salsa is vibrant and fresh!


cherry yuzu-ade 

sweet morillo cherry puree combines with tart citrus, scrumptious! splash a little club soda to give it a fizz! (vodka works well too!)

turmeric tangerine carrot aguas

common in latin america and the islands, this fruit water is full of antioxidants with turmeric, cardamom, carrot and tangerine juices.

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